London Film Festival 2014 – a summary

Maybe it’s just me, but the first few days after a film festival are a mixed bag. At the moment, I am so relieved that I finally have the time to clean my bathroom, but also that I can patch together my broken body. Also, daylight! Even the dreadful British weather is better than being in the dark 24 hours a day, whether it’s being entrenched at the Odeon Covent Garden or in bed by nine every night.

On the other hand, I am already missing it all – fighting for a decent seat at a press screening, cursing the Gods when two films I wanted to see were on at the same time, having a fit because of this or that celebrity (sorry, Cheryl Strayed, I love you, Cheryl Strayed). Anyway.

The best films I’ve seen, in no order since they’re all brilliant: Appropriate Behavior, When Animals Dream, Dear White People, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, The Way He Looks, The Wonders.

Despite having disliked Foxcatcher and The Imitation Game with a passion, the worst film has to be that shitstorm that is Men, Women And Children. More thoughts on the matter on this blog, as soon as I stop gagging every time I think about it.

A special mention for The Salvation and the majestic Eva Green who is extraordinary in everything she does.

I’ve only written for Italian websites this time around, so if you speak the language or trust Google Translate, you can find all the links here below. In the next few weeks I will talk about a few more films and I also have a couple of interviews, so watch out for them.
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